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wine & drinks marketplaces like Vivino and Drinks&Co

We are πŸ”Ž looking for more than 250 premium Slovenian wines for our Slovina πŸ›’ shop on Vivino and Drinks&Co ⏱ A.S.AP!

Contact us now to discuss partnership possibilities, send a mail to

The different wine & drinks marketplaces like Vivino and Drinks&Co provide different options for your wine and winery to be present, directly by the winery and indirectly via a merchant.

You can find most information on their special sections on the website for wineries and merchants. To make it easy for you we have summarized the most basic and important stuff below (disclaimer: no rights can be derived from this):

We are using Vivino and Drinks&Co as examples, we have also experiences with other, local marketplaces or online retailers in for example NL, DE,

  • Vivino: the section
  • Drinks&Co: on the Uvinum support pages, the former brand before the acquisition by Pernod Ricard

We have gone through the whole process with them and therefore can provide you our personal experiences, learnings, best practices, pro’s and con’s, and more, which we are happy to share with you. (But of course you could also work with us, which is a lot easier ; )

Presenting your wine and winery on Vivino and other marktplaces

Vivino for example on their support page provides the following regarding Wineries & Wine Data:

Next to this Vivino for instance provides Sponsorhsip options “Are you a winery who’d like to work with us?
If you’re a winery and you’d like to explore your marketing options, email us at

Drinks&Co in the support section for Professionals:

Selling your wine on Vivino and Drinks&Co

In order to sell your wine through the different country sites of Vivino or Drinks&Co

  • meet all official requirements for the specific countries like governmental regulations related to VAT (registration and administration) and Customs Excise Duty,
  • meet particular service level agreements regarding order fulfilment,
  • meet any requirements regarding the catalogue,
  • agree wih the commercial terms,
  • meet all technical requirements regarding integration or product datafeed

Slovina is a certified Vivino Marketplace merchant in specific European countries.

We are looking for 250 premium Slovenian wines in order to meet the catalogue requirements of Drinks&Co

Re. Pricing & Sales Commission

Marketplaces charge a fee for their services. This has to be calculated into the price or margin. The commission is soemwhere between 10 – 20%, depending on the method or model, for instance:

  • on the value of the goods sold, without VAT
  • on the value of the order, including payment for delivery cost, excluding VAT
  • or any other combination of above, including VAT or not.

In case the sales commission needs to come out of the margin, the cost price of the product needs to have an additional markup of:

  • 20% sales commission > 25% cost price markup
  • 15% sales commission > 17,65% cost price markup
  • 10% sales commission > 11,11 cost price markup

The result is or a price increase of your product, with consequenses for the sales volume, or lower revenue with possibly a loss.

Re. Product Data Feed

The product data feed needs to be update therefor updated continiously for:

  • price
  • stock

This in order to be able to fulfill the orders and meet the contract terms (otherwise penalty).

For examples of the product data feed requirements:

  • Vivino: for iformation and for an example
  • Drinks&Co requires a lot more information in the feed, which is explained in the special manual for merchants

(More to follow soon)

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