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Market for Slovenian wines

This text from Wine-Searcher regarding Primorska sums it up:

” … a long-established wine region in the west of Slovenia that has re-established its reputation in recent years. While it is producing wines that are gaining considerable international attention, the typically high price tag that comes with them may prove to be an obstacle to their commercial success.”

Which is supported by a reaction from the buyer of The Netherlands largest online wine company:

“We did a big test with Sauvignon Blanc of Puklavec and although it was a good wine, we were not able to sell volume. We also tried top quality wines from Edi Simcic and wine of Marof, both were too exclusive, not many consumers are willing to pay the extra.”

Dutch wine buyer online wine sales

Note: even not successful with Puklavec, a relatively known brand in The Netherlands, as it is sold in the two biggest supermarkets and has been reviewed by different publications, professional wine mgazines/websites and newspaper journalists/columnists.

In short, some factors for the success of Slovenian wine:

  • Slovenia is a small producer and an even smaller exporter of wine > see wine production in Slovenia and EU
  • Slovenia is an unknown wine country, event though it has one of the oldest traditions in the world
  • Slovenia has 0 alcohol excise duty, The Netherlands, Belium, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark all have excise duty
  • Slovenia has similar prices for a bottle of wine (mid-range) as The Netherlands, higher than Germany, lower than France, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom (source Numbeo – cost of living)
  • Slovenia has small scale, labour intensive production compared to the traditional ‘old world’ wine countries and especially ‘new world’

Some sources:

2009: “Relatively high wine prices provide survival opportunities also for smaller wineries, which have made several innovations by the shifts in the growing types of …”

2016: no longer updated, now in the EU wine dashboard and other publications >> see article on wine market in EU

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