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0. Introduction

The objective of this documentation is to provide all information for the cooperation between Slovenian wineries and Slovina. It is a ‘living document’ which is continiously updated and expanded based on the feedback received from the wineries. The utlimate goal is to become a manual which provides guidance and support throughout the whole process.

A draft layout of the future contents below, in the meantime these will be seperate articles covering the topics. It will be a quick start for our partnership:

  1. Cooperation model
    1. consignment sales
    2. commission sales
  2. Portfolio
    1. wine list
    2. price list
    3. wine descriptions (and images)
    4. winery description (and images)
  3. Sales
    1. orders
    2. delivery
    3. payment
  4. Promotion
    1. vineyard website
    2. marketing & sales channels
      1. Vivino
      2. Drinks&co
    3. social media
    4. search engine
    5. advertising
    6. events
    7. referral

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