🍇 Vinarji 🍷 – informacije za vinarje

Pozdravljeni vinar in dobrodošli k nam, Slovina!

(First our appologies, we don’t speak or read Slovene, we are Dutch and use(d) an online translator)

Hello Slovenian winemakers and welcome to Slovina!

On this page we want to briefly introduce Slovina to you. And of course hope you want to work with us.

Who we are – the people

We are Peter and Erika, a couple from The Netherlands, maried with children, living in Amsterdam. Wine enthousiasts. The people behind Slovina. During the day Peter is a teacher at a University of Applied Sciences, Erika is working in the marketing department of the largest newspaper and magazine publisher in the country.

Peter with Simona Blažič at the wine professional fair in Amsterdam

Peter figuring out with Andrej Erzetič how the selfie settings work on his phone (for example how to mirror the image so the label becomes readable…) at the wine professional fair in Amsterdam

Posing with the grape queens at the 22nd Slovenski Festival Vin, with David Lipovšek, Vinoteka Brda

Why we do it – the reason we started this

During our summer holiday in Slovenia where we discovered how beautiful the country is, how nice the people are, and we were amazed by the number of artisan and family wineries producing quality wine, which was unknown to us and also many other Dutch we found out when we were back home.

We decided to bring the same experience to others who are still unaware of the existence of these fine Slovenian wines, the pleasure of discovering a lot of great wines and enjoy the story of the winemaker.

What we do

Our primary focus is selling Slovenian wine directly to consumers outside Slovenia in Europe, starting in The Netherlands, expanding into Germany and Austria, and the United Kingdom, and later on the rest of Northern-Western- Europe, the EU. Through:

A. our own websites : Slovina.nl, Slovina.de, Slovina,at, Slovina.uk, and future other country websites

B. Our stores on our social media accounts on Facebook

C. wine marketplaces or platforms like Vivino or Drinks&Co / Uvinum >> Check out your current presence and availability of your wines on https://www.vivino.com/ and the local Drinks&Co werbsites (tip: use a VPN to see the offerings in the specific countries
Drinks&Co UK, Drinks&Co Deutschland, Drinks&Co Holland, Drinks&Co Belgique, Drinks&Co Österreich, Drinks&Co Sverige, Drinks&Co Norge, Drinks&Co Danmark.

D. wine search engines like Wine-Searcher >> Check out your presence on Wine-Searcher now here:

How we do it

Direct Delivery from the Winery

Because we have no warehousing facilities yet in all the countries, we add the wines from Slovenian wineries to our catalogue and publish them on our websites and feed the premium wines of wineries to our social media shops and wine marketplaces, to be delivered to the customer directly from the winery, or by our local partners in the Slovenian district, like Vinotka Brda.

In all countries we sell and deliver wine we have registered for VAT, and where required also pay the excise duty to the Customs / Tax offices .

We do bring over a limited amount of Slovenian wines from the wineries grouped on pallets to The Netherlands, for personal selling or to create combination packages, like special tasting cases with wines of different wineries. We then deliver it personally or send it in special wine boxes by courier to consumers in The Netherlands,

Why work with us

For a number of reasons:

  1. Most obvious: to sell your wine outside Slovenia….
  2. It is easier to sell your wine through us to consumers in NL, DE, AT, UK, DK, than for instance selling and sending it yourself from Slovenia to people outside Slovenia.
    • You don’t need to invest in an online shop, manage and maintain it
    • You don’t have to handle the individual sales, so have more time on your hands to make wine
    • Because of the special boxes we use there is less damage/breakage and therefore less refunds, labour involved,
    • It does not save you only time and hassle, but also money, we can show you with an example calculation in the spreadsheet we made
  3. As a single winery it is difficult or sometimes impossible to sell wine through wine marketplaces because of their terms and conditions. We have signed agreements or are are in negotiations with these companies, have set up the processes to offer the wines, made necessary technical integrations,
  4. We have taken care of all the administrative paperwork: contracts, VAT registration and administration, customs, excise duty, you name it
  5. You profit from the joint promotion of all Slovenian wines (in order to compete with the French, Spanish, Italian, German from the ‘old world’but also the ‘new world’ United States, South Africa, Chili, Australia, New Zealand,)
  6. We see to it that you will be found in search engines, marketplaces,
  7. We introduce your wine to our customer base
  8. Because we are nice, decent and pleasant people to work with, yes we are! If we may say so ourselves…

How can we work together

We started out with buying wines from winemakers in Brda, through Vinoteka Brda.

But as we are – like most of the wineries we work with – just a small family business and at the moment still in the start-up phase and a side-busines next to our day jobs, it is not possible for us to finance a catalogue and accompanying inventory and warehousing in different countries of wines from wineries from all the wine regions in Slovenia.

Therefore we will have two new models of cooperation:

  1. from today: ‘distance selling‘ where Slovina sells, the winery fullfils and Slovina delivers (a mix of commssion sales and dropshippping)
  2. in the future: ‘full service’ where Slovina takes care of the sales and order delivery (very similar to a consignment sales model)

The main difference between the two is in order handling, in the full service we take care of the complete order, from sale to delivery (and return) at Slovina, with distance selling we pass the order to you for fulfilment so you have to do all the order picking and packing (or you could work with our local partner, like Vinoteka Brda).

For wineries the full service model is more profitable as it involves less cost, in terms of out of pocket expenses and time (which is money, as we all know…), but some stock then needs to be shipped to and stored at Slovina warehousing facilities, we do not have yet in all countries.

Learn more about both options in the information & support articles (these are ‘living documents’, a work in progress).

How do we work together with the winemakers

Our ultimate goal is to make all Slovenian quality wines from family estates and cooperations available outside Slovenia in Europe, in a close partnership with the winemakers.

We see ourselves as a platform provider for Slovenian winemakers to the wine lovers in other countries, we therefore want to have the spotlight on the wines and winemakers as much as possible.

That’s why we ask winemaker to support us in our promotion of their wines, a genuine joint promotion. In any shape or form:

  • presenting at a tasting event
  • video messages, interviews, images,
  • samples for reviews by wine critics or submissions in wine awards
  • a raffle or prize contest
  • a guided tour at the winery, cellar and though the vineyard

Or whatever we or the winery comes up with. We love to brainstorm, expriment and are always in for something new.

We provide full disclosure of what we do and why, as for us a true partnership is based on trust, in our belief the way to a succesful cooperation.

Contact us now to start our partnership

Send a mail and we will provide you with additional information. We are looking forward to working together, bringing your wine to wine lovers outside Slovenia!

In the meantime learn more in the different articles on the website which are continiously updated and new information added.