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New(s): Introducing our new ‘sell & send to EU & UK’ service in October 2020

(Note: not whole Europe yet, but starting with The Netherlands, Germany and Austria. We will continue again with the UK when there is more clarity around Brexit. Other countries will be added based on popular request by wineries.)

Save money, time and stress when selling to customers outside Slovenia with Slovina!

β—‰ Sell your wine including shipment outside Slovenia as if it was sold to the customer at your winery

  1. You offer your wine to the customer against the local Slovenian price, including Slovenian VAT (22%)
  2. You add the standard shipping cost (see the delivery rates table)
  3. You provide the order to us and we take care of the order for you, including payment, delivery and taxes (value added and alcohol excise duty if applicable)!

The rates for wine shipments are*:

Box sizeStill wineSparkling wine
6 bottles€24 incl. taxes per box
(€4 per bottle in a box of 6 bottles)
€24 incl. taxes
12 bottles€33 incl. taxes
(€2,75 per bottle)
€34 incl. taxes
18 bottles€40,50 incl. taxes
(€2,25 per bottle)
€44 incl. taxes
*Delivery rates to NL, DE, AT as of Februari 2021. Prices are indicatieve, no rights can be derived from this, prices can change because of courier or tax rate changes. Based on standard bottles of 0,75L. Email us for the actual prices!

We wanted to make it easy for you, one rate regardless of the country. These rates take into account the delivery and taxes like value added and alcohol excise duty in the different countries. Excise duty in particular countries is the reason why the standard rate for sparkling wine is higher.

And still it will save you money: compare these rates for instance with the standard DPD classic delivery prices including collection request for businesses: sending a box of 6 wines, <10kg, with Slovina is <20€ excl. taxes, which is lower than the price list to all the current countries, all thanks to our cooperation with Eurosender and special agreement with DPD regarding wine delivery!

β—‰ Slovina will take care of the wine order customer payment and country VAT and alcohol excise duty if applicable

According to European legislation, when selling to customers in other countries, the local VAT has to be charged and paid to the country’s tax office. Because we have VAT registrations in several countries we can take care of the administration and payments for you.

(Learn more about Distance Selling in the EU in the information and support section. >>)

β—‰ Slovina will take care of the wine delivery to the customer, including pickup by DPD at the winery

You let us know when the box is ready to be picked up and we schedule DPD to come by that day. The courier brings the label for the box. And your package will be insured when using the DPD wine box. Unfortunately DPD has no 18 bottles box in Slovenia at the moment (as it has in Austria). (See the information & support section for more. >>)

Want to know more? Contact us: sellandsendwine@slovina.eu

In the meantime we will update our information & support pages. We are still starting up, a lot of work in progress….

We are here to support Slovenian winemakers during the Corona crisis!

During our visit to winemakers in Slovenia in August we learned about the impact the Corona crisis has had and still has for Slovenian winemakers. That’s why we launched a campaign to support you.

We call on wine lovers outside Slovenia to order a box of wine from you through us, to be delivered directly from your winery, we take care of all logistics, you only have to pack the box and hand it over to our courier!

We ask you to help us promote it: make a picture or a selfie with your wines holding the printed Slovina heart and share it on social media.

Don’t forget to tag us in it! (@finaslovina on Instagram and on Facebook slovina.wijn (NL) / slovina.wein (DE and AT) / slovina.wine (UK/EN)

Are you a Slovenian winemaker? Make your wine available to wine lovers in πŸ‡³πŸ‡± πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ with Slovina!

Visit the “πŸ‡ Vinarji 🍷 >> informacije za vinarje” page for more information

Do you want to buy Slovenian wine?

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